Stay Clean with Gristy's Cleaners

This season the temperature reads in negative, everywhere is so cold and sometimes you’ll need to wear more than one layer just to keep warm. Now in this weather, wool clothing is the best option you can possibly go with. You won’t need to double your clothes anymore once you have a good wool sweater or outfit as it is sure to keep you feeling warm and safe.

The cold cannot get to you once you’re wearing wool. However, wool is one of the easiest fabrics to get stained and it proves even harder when it comes to removing such stains. ...

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Suede and Leather Dry Cleaning

Clothes need special care and attention for several reasons, the clothes you wear help make an impression before you speak or introduce yourself, and no matter how expensive your clothes are in the wrong hands it wouldn't make a difference. Also, most people try to be financially responsible, and your wardrobe takes a fair amount of your budget, so when you buy clothes, you want to make sure they last to cut down on cost and frequency of buying clothes. It only makes sense to have a reliable dry cleaning service, that will take care of your clothing and deliver ...

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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Dry Cleaning

At Gristy’s Dry Cleaners in Lubbock we strive to keep you looking great. Our laundry and dry cleaning services not only save you time, but they also keep your clothes lasting long, make your clothes look better, and help protect the environment.

Clothes Last Longer

Dry cleaning is not as hard on clothes as the traditional agitating washing machine. As a result, there is less stress and wear on your clothes. When your clothes are better cared for they will look better, last longer, and help you to buy new clothes less often.

Clothes Look Better

First impressions can be ...

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Gristy's Cleaners - We Keep Your Clothes Clean and Make Them Last Longer

Customers want their clothes clean – we all know that. Above all, they also want their clothes to be professionally handled in a way that will help them last longer. Only professional cleaners in Lubbock understand the secret involved in keeping textiles cleaner and lasting longer. Gristy's Cleaners does not only keep your textiles clean, we know how to make them last for you.

This is a testimony our customers in Lubbock repeat over and over. Since 1946, we have been serving the laundry and dry-cleaning needs of our the Lubbock community and surrounding areas. We use the best ...

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How a Professional Cleaner Can Help You with Seasonal Allergies


Let's consider these options:

Bedroom and Dry Cleaning

Cleaning your linens and soaking them in hot water or washing them at a professional cleaner helps prevent pollen allergies. Additionally, if you hang dry your linens or comforter, be sure to dry them inside or in the drier, not outside. This will help prevent outside allergens to cling onto your newly cleaned bedroom items.

Bathroom and Dry Cleaners

If you have a nice shower curtain, pay attention to it. Because bathrooms get steamy and are notoriously wet, mold can find its home on your curtain. Take your shower curtain to a cleaner to make ...

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Preventing Color Loss in Clothes

It is inevitable. Clothes will go through the washer and dryer pretty frequently and eventually there will be natural wear from the water, detergent, friction, etc. So, what are a few effective ways to keep your clothes from fading faster? Here are a few tips from the pros to help increase the longevity and life of your clothes.

1. Wash Dark Colors Together

To make the job easier, many young adults will throw all there clothes in the washer and wash loads on cold. This might seem like the quickest thing to do, but it is certainly not the most efficient. Be sure ...

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Gristy’s Fabric Care: Dry Cleaning and Laundry in Lubbock

Gristy’s Fabric Care: Dry Cleaning and Laundry in Lubbock

Your clothing is an investment, so it’s important to know how to properly care for distinct types of fabric in your wardrobe. It can be easy to just throw stuff in the washer, but there are some steps you should take before shoving a dirty shirt into the washer.

  • Check all pockets to make sure they are empty
  • Close zippers, hooks, and drawstrings to prevent snags
  • Load sizable items first
  • Don’t wash single items
  • Brush heavy soil, dust or hair off fabrics before washing
  • Separate whites and colors to prevent colors from running onto white fabric

Additionally, you should ...

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7 Ways to Make Laundry Easier

What is the chore you don’t mind doing? The dishes? Taking out the trash? What about laundry? To some people, trash is a necessary evil. To others, doing the dishes is a stress reliever. Now we may not be experts on all chores, but laundry, we understand a little something about.  Here are some tips on how to make laundry less dreadful and even more stress free.

  1. Make a Schedule – Life is busy and it can be easy to let laundry slip through the cracks. Make a schedule and stick to it. Pick a day of the week you are ...

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What does Quality Dry Cleaning in Lubbock Look Like?

Dry cleaning is the cleaning method of textiles and clothing without using water. But that doesn’t really mean that it is a completely dry process. Instead of water, dry cleaner’s use solvents. The only reason it is called ’dry’ is because there is no water involved. This is a huge revelation for many – rightfully so because it can be kind of confusing.

So now that we have the definition sorted out, what happens to your clothes when they are dropped off at Gristy’s. We don’t know about other dry cleaners in Lubbock, but here is what happens with ...

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Lubbock Sweater Cleaning with Gristy’s Cleaners

Now that cooler weather has arrived on the South Plains, you may have already broken out your treasured collection of sweaters. If so, you probably smelled a year’s worth of closet storage as you pulled the first one over your head.

It happens every year doesn’t it? You stored them clean, but after several months in a closet or attic, they don’t look or smell so fresh anymore. That’s why Gristy’s Quality Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service in Lubbock is offering a special on sweaters: Bring in 3 sweaters, pay for 2 (up to 33 percent off). Some exclusions apply. Check ...

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Lubbock Dry Cleaning At Its Best

When was the last time you cleaned that fancy suede jacket? What about your elegant black evening dress – the one with all those beads around the neckline? You want these special items looking their best, even when you only wear them a couple of times a year.

But when a treasured garment is irreplaceable, you can’t take chances on quality. That’s when it’s time to trust Gristy’s Quality Dry Cleaning and Laundry in Lubbock with all of your dry cleaning needs. At Gristy’s, our focus is on the quality of our Lubbock dry cleaning – not how much we can ...

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Lubbock Comforter Cleaning at Gristy’s

Almost everyone thinks about it at one time or another. They ask themselves, “Why not save the cost of dry cleaning and wash that comforter of mine at home?”

They may check the product label on their comforter, which usually suggests dry cleaning only. There’s a reason for that: dry cleaning is the safest and most effective method for cleaning most delicate items, like that one-of-a-kind, fluffy down comforter you bought at an art fair in New Mexico.

Every comforter is different. Some having down filling; some have polyester filling. Some have rayon covers; some have satin covers. The list of differences ...

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