Dry cleaning is the cleaning method of textiles and clothing without using water. But that doesn’t really mean that it is a completely dry process. Instead of water, dry cleaner’s use solvents. The only reason it is called ’dry’ is because there is no water involved. This is a huge revelation for many – rightfully so because it can be kind of confusing.

So now that we have the definition sorted out, what happens to your clothes when they are dropped off at Gristy’s. We don’t know about other dry cleaners in Lubbock, but here is what happens with us:

When Gristy’s Quality Dry Cleaning in Lubbock receives your clothes, we tag the items in a damage-free way to make sure we are following the correct care procedures and that you get all of your items back. Then we diligently study the clothing to see if we can spot any other issues like additional stains that need pre-spotted, or delicate features of the clothes. After that, we load the items into the dry cleaning machine. At Gristy’s, we have 3 dry cleaning machines, one machine for dark colored clothing, one machine exclusively for whites and light colored, and one for beaded and very delicate items so that each piece of clothing is cleaned in the purest possible way. The whites can even come out whiter and brighter than before!

At Gristy’s, we work hard to make sure your garments are processed with the utmost care and quality. Many dry cleaners do not distill their solvents enough, which is costly and time consuming. We use fresh clean solvent every load. If you have ever had clothes dry cleaned and they came back dingy or grey, that is because the solvent clarity and cleanliness is poor. We make sure to put fresh solvent, soap, and sizing every load so that your clothes are treated with the respect and care they deserve. Gristy’s Quality Dry Cleaning in Lubbock takes no short cuts to clean your garments.

According to the experts at Apartment therapy and Gristy’s Quality Dry Cleaning in Lubbock, this is a list of thing you should always get dry cleaned:

Dry Cleaning isn’t the only service that Gristy’s Quality Dry Cleaning in Lubbock can do We have many other services we provide as well, like wedding gown restoration, uniform cleaning, expert leather and suede cleaning, and more! Check out our website today.

What does quality dry cleaning in Lubbock look like? It looks like Gristy’s.