It is inevitable. Clothes will go through the washer and dryer pretty frequently and eventually there will be natural wear from the water, detergent, friction, etc. So, what are a few effective ways to keep your clothes from fading faster? Here are a few tips from the pros to help increase the longevity and life of your clothes.

1. Wash Dark Colors Together

To make the job easier, many young adults will throw all there clothes in the washer and wash loads on cold. This might seem like the quickest thing to do, but it is certainly not the most efficient. Be sure to sort your clothes. It creates the best environment for your whites to stay white and prevent your colors from fading.

2. Turn Clothes Inside Out

When You wash and dry your clothes, it can be hard on the outside of your clothing. Jean buttons can catch onto things, zippers can rub against other clothes, and so on. Turning your clothes inside out reducing pilling.

3. Read Label

Directions are important when it comes to clothing. Don’t always assume that you can always put every single item in a dryer. Check for specific instructions like, “wash in cold water” or “dried on low” and follow them. It will save you a lot of heartbreak in the long run!

4. Don’t Over Dry

Over drying is a sure-fire way to cause your colored clothes to fade. Drying adds friction and heat to the mix which is a breeding ground for fading.

5. Trust us with your dry cleaning

There are specific items that should be dry-cleaned. You should always trust a professional when it comes to handling specialty items or dry-clean only items. We have an array of services. Learn more here.

We care about your laundry and want to do everything we can to help you in the long run. If you have any questions about preventing color loss in clothes. Give us a call!