What is the chore you don’t mind doing? The dishes? Taking out the trash? What about laundry? To some people, trash is a necessary evil. To others, doing the dishes is a stress reliever. Now we may not be experts on all chores, but laundry, we understand a little something about.  Here are some tips on how to make laundry less dreadful and even more stress free.

  1. Make a Schedule – Life is busy and it can be easy to let laundry slip through the cracks. Make a schedule and stick to it. Pick a day of the week you are around the house and dub it the day of laundry.
  2. Clean Stains Quickly – Did you know that stain oxidation happens in 2 weeks? This is when a stain becomes that stubborn, yellowish color. After this happens, it is very difficult to get it out. As if you want or need a stain to be harder to remove. Make it easier on yourself by tackling the stain as soon as you possibly can. Which leads to the next tip…
  3. Pre-spotting – This is a step you must be incredibly cautious with.  If you are not careful, pre-spotting can cause more trouble than good. But, if you are looking for a DIY pre-spotting treatment, Dawn Dishwashing soap is a great option. To ensure that your clothing will be treated with the utmost care, it is simply better to leave this step to a dry cleaner in Lubbock like Gristy’s.
  4. Enlist your kid’s help –Two can be better than one. Grab your kid or partner to help with the laundry. Not only will it help things go a bit quicker, you might teach them a thing or two in the process.
  5. Don’t Wait Around – Don’t let your laundry pile up for a few weeks. Not only will it be more work for you, but it also can ruin your clothing. Refer to Tip 2.
  6. Multitask – You have a little bit of time while your laundry is in the process of being cleaned. Run a quick errand, clean another part of the house, iron some clothing. Whatever else you can think to do. Use that time to be productive – You’d be surprised what setting a time limit can do to your capacity to focus.
  7. Let the Dryer to the ironing – Ironing can be a taxing process. So, let the dryer do the ironing. Stick your blouse or shirt in the dryer and set it on permanent press. If you let your clothing tumble in dryer too long, the wrinkles are more difficult to get out. Regardless, pull your clothes out immediately and put them on a hanger.

We are excited to help make life easier for you by taking something off your plate.