Clothes need special care and attention for several reasons, the clothes you wear help make an impression before you speak or introduce yourself, and no matter how expensive your clothes are in the wrong hands it wouldn't make a difference. Also, most people try to be financially responsible, and your wardrobe takes a fair amount of your budget, so when you buy clothes, you want to make sure they last to cut down on cost and frequency of buying clothes. It only makes sense to have a reliable dry cleaning service, that will take care of your clothing and deliver services on time and at your convenience. Gristy’s dry cleaning and laundry service would be the right business to go to. Gristy's dry cleaning and laundry service is a laundry business in Lubbock, Texas, committed to giving effective and world-class dry cleaning services to the customers. With personal and appropriate care for different garments and household items they provide the following services.

Suede and Leather Dry Cleaning

Garments made of leather and suede are a bit high maintenance and require proper and careful dry cleaning. Improper cleaning of leather or suede can lead to damage or devaluation. At Gristy’s they specialize in dry cleaning suede and leather dry cleaning, by using the appropriate chemicals and precautions for this delicate material ensuring that they're kept in great shape. Suede is a peculiar fabric and gets dirty faster making it more difficul to clean. It is also valuable information to note that water stains suede, so it's practical to have the professionals handle it. So also leather fabric require specific cleaning chemicals and procedures and can't just be thrown in a washing machine because it just might shrink, warp or break. We recommend getting the help of competent dry cleaners to cater to your leather fabrics. Gristy's cleaning and laundry service takes good care of your suede and leather clothing.

We Do More For Your Laundry

At Gristy's dry cleaning and laundry they offer services including same day service, dry cleaning of household items, duvets, draperies, curtains, table linens, sheets, pillowcases, heirloom cleaning and preservation, wedding gown restoration and preservation, cleaning of rugs. Also, offer home deliveries and drive thru service is available at all locations. They have a broken button guarantee. If what you require is professional and knowledgeable personnel handling your special clothes with efficiency and reliability, Gristy’s dry cleaning and laundry services is your solution.