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Our goal says it all! We will provide our customers garments ready to wear, by the time promised, with the most helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable personnel available.

Broken Button Guarantee


Our exclusive Broken Button Guarantee promises that if we return your shirt with a broken button we will launder your next three shirts for free. We do our best on each and every garment you entrust to us, but occasionally we make a mistake. Our Broken Button Guarantee says it all, you really get what you pay for with Gristy’s Cleaners and Laundry!

Preventing Color Loss in Clothes

It is inevitable. Clothes will go through the washer and dryer pretty frequently and eventually there will be natural wear from the water, detergent, friction, etc. So, what are a few effective ways to keep your clothes from fading faster? Here are a few tips from the pros to help increase the longevity and life of your clothes.

1. Wash Dark Colors Together

To make the job easier, many young adults will throw all there clothes in the washer and wash loads on cold. This might seem like the quickest thing to do, but it is certainly not the most efficient. Be sure ...

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